Research Department Chromogenic Polymers#

Our Services#


  • Consulting on the following topics
    • active or passive switching materials for the regulation of energy and light input
    • color-changing effects
  • Individual research solutions for color changing materials
    • active and passive switching
    • reversible or irreversible
    • various matrices: thermoplastics, elastomers, duromers, casting resins, hydrogels, paints and other material classes
  • Plastics Processing
    • masterbatches
    • press plates
    • mono- and multilayer films
  • Micro- and nanoencapsulation of color change materials and additives
  • Spray drying of suspensions, emulsions or solutions
  • Material testing based on
    • DIN EN 60068-2-30; DIN EN ISO 12543-4: Climatic testing of laminated glass
    • DIN EN 410: Determination of photometric characteristics of glazing
  • Characterization of surface topologies with 3D digital microscopy
    • high depth of field
    • suitable for highly reflective surfaces
  • Investigation of material properties
    • interfacial properties
    • thermo-optical behavior